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Have you employed a professional to clean the exterior of your home with a pressure washer? To ensure that they can use it smoothly and efficiently, here’s what the experts say you should do beforehand.

Preparing Your Home

We recommend that that you prepare your home to be pressure washed to ensure that any damage or injuries can be avoided. We work hard to prepare your property for pressure washing services, but here are a few things you can do as the homeowner. 

Secure Your Windows and Doors

Make sure that all of your home’s windows and doors are properly secured to prevent water from getting in and causing water damage to carpeting, furniture, mattresses, or anything else.

Remove Anything You Don’t Want to be Damaged

Just like you remove your clothing before taking a shower or you wear a shower cap to keep your hair dry, you should remove or cover anything on the outside of your home you want to protect.

Keep Water and Electricity Separate

Water and electricity don’t mix. So anything that uses an electrical source should be kept out of reach of your pressure washer.

Arrange a Safe Place For Your Pets

Pressure washing can be noisy, and it also generates a sizable amount of kinetic energy. This can be both dangerous and disturbing for pets, so arrange a safe place for them while the pressure washer is being used.

Preparing Your Deck

Preparing your deck area for power washing isn’t difficult, but it is a vital step.

Remove All Items

All decorations, toys, furniture, etc should be removed from the deck area or at least covered. 

Examine the Deck

Do you have areas of your deck that need a little more TLC? Let your pressure washing company know. Before we tackle your power washing project, we listen to your concerns and do an examination, taking note of any areas of the deck that will need more attention than others.

Pre-Apply Cleanser

In any area that’s deeply stained with tree sap or grease, it’s advisable to add a cleanser to make deck washing more straightforward. If your deck is in a shady area or you’re living in a wet place, you may have mildew or mold spots that should be treated using an antimicrobial or fungicidal cleaner.

Preparing Your Driveway

Tarp Your Plants

The detergent used to clean concrete can be harmful to shrubs and plants. A good pressure washing company will cover these with tarps. Painter’s plastic can also be used.

Blow or Brush Away Debris

Depending on the size of your drive, it may be worthwhile to either rent or borrow a blower to remove any debris. This will reduce waste during the power washing process.

Treat a Hidden Spot First

Every concrete surface reacts differently to power washing, so it’s advisable to test a portion of your driveway that’s out of the way and less visible first.

Remove Vehicles

Pressure Washing inevitably causes over-spray which can carry dirt, oil, grease, pebbles, paint, and other debris. We advise making sure to keep your driveway clear of anything usually parked there.

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