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Pressure washing is the most efficient way to clean dirty surfaces. That’s because these systems rely on force to get rid of dirt, old paint, grime, dust, etc.

However, that doesn’t mean you should pressure wash all surfaces. Here are ten things you should never pressure wash if you’re considering buying one of these devices for your property.


1. Animals


While it is good to keep your animals and pets, never use a pressure washer to do so. This is very dangerous and harmful to your animal and considered animal cruelty. Skin damage and lesions can result from improper bathing practices.


2. Plants


If you have landscaping outside your home, be very careful when pressure washing nearby those plants. The amount of pressure coming from the water sprayer can rip leaves and kill your outdoor plants, bushes, and trees.


3. Painted Furniture


The water that comes from a pressure cleaner has the potential to cause damage to any painted items you may have outside. Outdoor items like furniture and walls may easily become chipped or lose their paint.


Using a chemical mixture or brush is safer to protect the color.

4. Bicycles  

Bicycles have many moving individual parts that a high-pressure wash can alter, such as the paint or protective coating. If your bike needs to be cleaned due to soot or grime, a sponge or cloth will usually do the trick with little to no risk at all. 


5. Clothing/garments


If you have anything made of cloth or leather that needs to be washed, a quick wipe down or time in the laundry machine is your best bet. Using one of these devices on shoes or clothing can cause tears and damage.


6. Pool Pumps and Heaters

Pool pump and heaters need periodic cleaning, but with a gentle cleanser, so as not to break or bend any important pieces of your machinery. It can be risky for your pump to take a high-PSI cleaning.


7. Wooden items 


Unfortunately, water and wood items do not blend very well. Using a pressure washer on wood can remove built-up dirt; however, it can have lasting water damage because wood erodes very easily.


8. Shingles and roofs


Roofs can quickly become dirty, and cleaning is required periodically. However, it can be dangerous to use a home pressure cleaner on your rooftop tiles or shingles because you’re operating a powerful machine at a high elevation. It poses a risk to tiles because walking on top can cause them to break and crack. And shingles may start to break down because they can’t take the high pressure. If you’re searching for pressure washing Ellicott City Maryland, Columbia Brothers can help with your roof cleaning needs.

9. Carpeting  

If you need to clean a carpet, using a spot treatment method is best because of the buildup of germs that can occur in carpeting, you are better off using something that will treat the fibers for microbes, rather than a stream of water alone.

10. Anything with electricity


If you have an electric panel on your home, keep the pressure cleaner away from it at all costs. Electrical paneling has small and breakable parts that can be pulled apart by a pressure cleaner. Also, the use of water to clean these panels should be avoided at all costs.


Nervous About Pressure Washing?


Don’t feel like worrying about whether you might damage one of your possessions by pressure washing? Call us today for safe pressure washing professional services. We have years of experience and know which materials don’t stand up against power washing. We will help you clean your property without the risk of damaging your belongings.